Insurance should be FAIR and TRANSPARENT

Performance-Priced Commercial Auto Insurance

Better Control Over Your Price

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Other Insurers Measure Miles, Not Safety. That’s Not Fair.

“With other insurance companies, we were always fighting an uphill battle to prove that our drivers were safer. With Fairmatic, we immediately saved 15%, and we expect to see even more as time continues.“

Joanna, CEO - HopSkipDrive

Transparent Pricing
Means No Surprises

Manage your premiums with tools that automatically track your fleet’s performance in real time.

“Our experience has been phenomenal.”

Shayna, Special Project Manager - JUNO

Better Control Insurance Costs

“We have many programs to improve the safety for drivers and riders, but with Fairmatic we can actually see the rewards of all that hard work.”

Corey, VP Operations - HopSkipDrive

Every Fleet is Different

Rather than putting fleets together in a big bucket, Fairmatic analyzes the individual driving behavior. By predicting risk up to 6X* better, Fairmatic gives you the costs you deserve.

It’s time insurance was